Monday, October 28, 2013

Holiday Wardrobe

 photo 28160.jpg

 photo 28067.jpg

 photo 28844.jpg

In just five days I'll be boarding a plan to Washington! I try to visit my WA family each summer, but I decided to push my summer trip back so I could have a true autumn experience in another state. I'll be gone for three weeks during which time I'll be able to celebrate my grandmother's birthday with her and drink Chocolate Apothecary Hot Mayas (spicy hot drinking chocolate) in cold weather rather than hot summer weather. I'm pretty excited!

When I return to California it will be mere days before Thanksgiving, so I'm thinking ahead and starting to plan my holiday outfits. I'm loving the above dresses from Ruche. I went on a little birthday shopping spree earlier this month and stocked up on cute leggings from H&M which will be perfect for dresses like these.

What is your holiday wardrobe looking like this year?


  1. These are cute! I saw the white dress on Pinterest and had to click over! Now I'm off to Ruche to see if they have my size!

  2. Ruche is the best! Enjoy your shopping :)


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