Thursday, October 24, 2013

Irving Penn on My Walls

 photo 22girl-behind-wine-bottle22-photo-by-irving-penn-1949-b-n-850x788.jpg

I'm always in the market for unique art, so when I discovered this photo by Irving Penn (a former Vogue photographer) I immediately took to the internet in search of more of his work. I found a book that holds 206 photos from his Small Trades collection which is the next best thing to owning his originals. I've been known to cut up random art books and throw the pages into frames, so Penn's book may end up in a hundred or so pieces to better my wall space.

What are your walls looking like these days?


  1. I've never seen any of his work before, but I must admit, I plan to go look some up now just to see =o) But I love the idea of having art on my walls that reflects me and the things I find fun, even if they aren't what you might find on a "normal" wall (whatever that actually means) ... that's why you'll find the Van Gogh inspired Tardis explosion, Kermit and Piggy dressed up as Harley Quinn and The Joker, Super Grover alongside Superman, wobbuffet dressed as boba fett, sketches from Cyanide and Happiness, and of course pictures from my wedding ... all gathered together on my walls so that no matter where I look I see something to make me smile =o)

  2. I do the exact same - I cut out photos from magazines and put them up on my walls, in frames! I do the same with cards and post cards. I love this pic you have up now. I just recently framed a birthday card that had a beaver on it that a girlfriend sent me last year from home, that says "Happy birthday from the beaver". I think it's hilarious.

    And I've just put up my photo I bought from your Etsy shop :)



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