Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November in Spokane, Washington

 photo WP_20131113_002.jpg
{Spokane Airport}

It's been a few weeks, but I'm back on the southern Cali coast and back to Haute Whimsy full-time! In case you missed my previous mentions of it, I was visiting family in Washington for most of November. I usually visit my northern fam each summer, but I chose to head up during fall for a nice change of scenery. I wanted colorful trees and a touch of snow, which is exactly what I got!

Here are some of my vacation photos for those of you who want to take a trip to another state for a few minutes!

 photo WP_20131101_013.jpg
{Sweater Weather}

 photo WP_20131105_002BW.jpg
{I was so excited to experience falling snow! It was in the high 80s in SoCal on this day}

 photo DSC07147.jpg
{I loved the snowy drives that day}

 photo IMG_7171edit.jpg
{Fall colors that I rarely get to experience back home}

 photo WP_20131113_044.jpg
{I enjoyed blustery walks in the park}

 photo WP_20131113_059.jpg
{Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane}

 photo DSC07202.jpg
{My mornings were spent with Boyd's coffee}

 photo WP_20131109_002.jpg

 photo JenandDad.jpg
{I loved spending so much time with my dad! We flipped between being two peas in a pod and the odd couple ;) }

 photo WP_20131108_001.jpg
{We ate great food ...}

 photo WP_20131115_008.jpg

 photo WP_20131117_005.jpg
{I spent some time with my grandparents on their Wisteria Lane-like street}

 photo IMG_7212.jpg
{And photographed their cats incessantly}

 photo Sleet.jpg
{I experienced sleet for the very first time!}

 photo WP_20131113_022.jpg
{Had Hot Maya drinking chocolate from Chocolate Apothecary}

 photo Beer.jpg
{Indulged in Shock Top and Batch 19 at the local tavern}

 photo DSC07212.jpg
{Enjoyed a fabulous Dad/Daughter dinner date at an Ethiopian restaurant}

 photo Sheba.jpg

 photo WP_20131124_014.jpg
{And after 22 days of vacation, and 2 very botched flights, I finally arrived back in Los Angeles!}

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