Friday, March 7, 2014

Capturing the Night

Capturing the night, in a way not even our eyes can.

What’s the art that has the power to capture the night, in a way not even our eyes can?

It is photography.

For a Nashville Photographer or for some other guy with camera from Paris, the night is absolutely the same. There is the same sky in Tennessee and in France, the same moon and the same stars. But the way it looks on their creations is absolutely different. As photographs, photographers are all different. Their style, skills, talent and techniques were all developed in different environments, but when taking pictures of the night, there is only one unique subject of their art, the night.

The nightlife can always be decorated with bright city lights, epic stars shining or just with sacred silence. It is all portrayed and it all looks simply awesome. Of course, in the night the art of photography is depending mostly on the flash. That is where I see the magic. The way the camera immortalizes the dark, by giving light, is something our eyes are not capable of.  Everyone knows it is all due to the technological progress of the world, but still there is something majestic in the photography thing

If you look to the same city photographed at day and at night, you are immediately falling in love with the after dusk view. The thing is that we are so used to the daylight, because we are witnessing it eve
ry single working day and weekend. When outside is getting darker we tend to enter our homes, clubs and restaurants. And when we look at these extraordinary portraits of the night, we are simply amazed by the way the world looks like after the sun falls.

The night is mysterious, dark and silent. There are so many incognito things happening, but only few of them get to be captured by the camera. Night photography makes for us easier to remember what happened in that special night. There are so many times the flash together with the camera captured something hidden in the bushes or in the background. That something is always funny, weird and different because it was not supposed to be seen.

Not only the city view looks awesome in the night, there are also incredible landscapes, lakes, mountains that are all looking majestic in the photographs. Everything looks different between dusk and dawn, but it is all also looking beautiful and mysterious. 

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