Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 7: #100HappyDays Project

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My mom and I have a pretty great relationship. We talk every day, whether it's to share recipes or vent about the world. I try to spend a couple of days each week visiting in person and shenanigans always ensue! Some days we find ourselves exploring mansions by the sea, others cooking mass amounts of beets for recipe experimentation.

Today started with a bit of antiquing around town and ended with her turning the hose on me! Granted, I suppose I had it coming seeing as how I was attempting to capture a cute photo of her watering her lawn. She's not the biggest fan of having her picture taken so I was trying to be slick. I didn't account for the dimming daylight and my flash automatically went off, exposing me as the sneaky photo-taker that I am.

She told me that if I took just one more picture, she'd drench me. Oh, how I love to teeter on those lines ;) I snapped the photo, waited for the water, and snapped another - then ran!

It's moments like these that force me to be present and appreciate the family that I have. Wildly fun insanity helps balance the heavier parts of life. I'm so very thankful for the little things and most of all ... perspective.

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