Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bunnies on the Loose!

Bunny Rabbit Pet Photography

white rabbit

Bunny on the beach

I found the most magically whimsical Etsy shop recently. It's a photography shop filled not only with photographs, but with so much love as well. Welcome to Invisible Toast Photography ... featuring bunnies!

That's right - bunnies! Artist Patricia Rubinelli lives on a houseboat with her adorable free-range rabbits and she shares the most touching photographs in her online shop. After reading her blog, Potentially Nervous, I learned that her bunnies have so much heart and personality. I walked away loving them immensely! From tales of grief stricken pets to embracing change, this is a blog that everyone needs to read.

Aside from adorable bunny art, Patricia also does beautiful landscape photography. I'm a forever fan :)


  1. Oh these photos are BEAUTIFUL! I'm instantly in love with them. Thank you for introducing them! Btw - our long-awaited "slumber party" soon?? xx

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