Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello, weekend!

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{I love this collage for An Abundance of Katherines, which I read each night this week before bed!}

I'm gearing up for a week-long trip to Washington starting next Saturday. That means a whopping to-do list to conquer this weekend. Some deep cleaning around the home, lining up a cat-sitter, vacation shopping and tying up loose ends in the studio. While I'm doing all of that, here are a few things around the web to keep you busy ...

And I love him - I mean her ;)

Hummingbirds are basically miniature peacocks.

Who knew that Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift made such a perfect pair?

This 102 year old sees her younger self dancing for the first time!

I seem to be a Kapha and would benefit from more spicy food in my life. Challenge accepted! 

Fr. Roderick is an even bigger Star Wars fan than my boyfriend, lol.

Best advice of the week: "start with GUSTO!"


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