Monday, September 28, 2015

JORD Wood Watch Review

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I'm in awe of my boyfriend. He works a full-time job as an IT manager for a major movie studio, and then when he comes home he composes music for TV and movies. He lives such a complex left brain/right brain lifestyle and somehow excels at it all.

So what do you get for the man who can do it all? A JORD wood watch, of course! The timing was absolutely serendipitous when this incredible watch company reached out to me and asked if I'd like to do a review. I'd been wanting to do something special for Joe, something out of the blue to put a smile on his face. I easily could have chosen one of their beautiful, delicate maple or sandalwood timepieces for myself but one look at the 94A Series and I knew Joe had to have the dark sandalwood on his wrist. 

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It wasn't long before the watch was delivered and I was able to surprise Joe with one of the most handsome men's watches that I'd ever seen. I waited with bated breath as he unboxed his gift. He was stunned at first glance but quickly began raving about how cool and unique his new accessory was. Then I told him the most impressive part: his watch was handcrafted out of East African sandalwood. This tidbit meant the world to him because he handcrafts tobacco pipes in his spare time and can appreciate the hard work and detail that goes into handcrafting wooden objects. 

This JORD watch has quickly become one of his prized possessions and is worn every single day, be it to work or just a lazy day at home. Speaking of work, everyone in his office has commented on the watch and most recently one of the guys boasted that he was buying one for a friend's birthday! His dad loved it, my brothers each want one and even random strangers take note. 

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There's something romantic about giving someone you care for the gift of time. This gorgeous band of wood and ticking hands says so much more than the hour and minute of any given moment; it says that each second is full of meaning and promise and hope.

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Watches Made From Wood
P.S. Fans of JORD wooden watches are posting the most beautiful photos with styling ideas. Take a look on the company's Facebook and Instagram!


  1. I freaking love this watch! Couldn't be happier with it!

  2. Wow! That watch is stunning! I'm a little jealous right now ;o)

  3. I think the watch is very nice and unique.


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