Monday, March 28, 2016

Mondays, Mantras and Meditation

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Life has felt entirely out of control this year. Illnesses in the family, questions (from myself and others) about my plans for the future, my own health (my heart has been giving me a bit of trouble again). The stress has been heavy.

A few days ago my boyfriend had a guy's night for a friend's birthday which meant spending the night at the friend's house (because drinking and driving is never an option). I was looking forward to a night to myself. I prepped by grabbing a bottle of wine, my favorite decadent soup and chocolate rugala for dessert. The plan was simple: eat, drink and binge-watch some sort of guilty pleasure TV show.

But I was restless.

The soup was fine, but I didn't enjoy it the way I normally would. The same went for the wine. I drank half a glass and was over it. And TV was a fail. I've slowly but surely been watching The Mentalist for years and I was just about to learn who Red John was! The reveal came and I felt nothing. I was obviously in a funk.

I was so disturbed by my lack of enthusiasm over all of these favorite things that I turned to Alex Beadon for some inspiration. I didn't know what I'd find exactly, but I trusted her to lead me to something helpful.

She did. Meditation.

I know a couple of people who meditate regularly and can't imagine life without it. I never believed I could do it, though. How could I turn off my thoughts when they ping-pong in rapid fire fashion in my head every waking moment?

Alex turned me onto an app called Headspace which lets you try out a 10 day guided meditation program for free. Seeing as how I was at my wit's end that night, I tried the first session in hopes that I'd at least understand meditation a little better.

Not only did I grasp it, I leaned into it HARD. I drank the Kool-Aid. I emerged from that simple 10 minute session feeling ... clear. All of the stressors were still present in my life but that feeling of pent-up-ness had lessened.

Here it is in the wee hours of Monday and I still need to sleep, but when I wake I'm going to snag Alex's "Monday Mantra" and start my day with the next Headspace meditation session. I've never looked forward to a Monday more!

Here's to good health and wellness ...


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