Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Year of Me, The Year of You

 photo Haute Whimsy Blog New Year.jpg

Happy 2019, dear Haute Whimsians! Most years I come in armed with a hefty list of resolutions but not this year. I'm feeling really good about who I am and where I'm at, so my only goal is to keep on doing my thing. But what exactly is my thing?

My thing is working hard, trying new things that intrigue me, fiercely loving my people, finding the magic in the mundane and choosing to be happy! That's pretty much me on any given day.

What do you want this year to hold for you? I'd love to hear!


  1. I love that you've gotten to a place where staying yourself is the goal <3 For me personally I want to improve my belief in what I know ... so many times I convince myself I don't know enough to talk about certain things, when I actually know plenty, I just need to trust myself.

    1. You know yourself better than anyone - always trust your gut!! You're a notoriously smart cookie and I believe in you!

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