Friday, July 19, 2019

Summertime Vibes: Part 2

 photo June Everhearts Splendid Summer Home.jpg

Last week I posted a collection of fabulous Janet Hill beach prints, but she has other summer-centric prints that deserve attention, too! I think I love her style so much because it reminds me of trips to Palm Springs, summer afternoons watching Gidget on repeat, and my longing to vacation with Baby and the other dirty dancers in the Catskills.

 photo The Backyard Feminist.jpg

 photo Desert Queen Motel.jpg

 photo Crocodile Jumper.jpg

 photo Poolside.jpg

 photo The Mermaid Inn.jpg

 photo Selfie at the Mermaid Public Fountain.jpg

 photo The Potboiler.jpg

 photo Hotel du Lac.jpg

 photo Lady Luck.jpg

 photo Camping Under The Stars.jpg


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